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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  December 26, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports extra. >> welcome back. i'm dave feldman. there are three sure things in
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life, death, taxes and the washington redskins losing the coin toss in games that go to overtime, which they did today. they also set a franchise record by playing in their fourth overtime game in one season. here's lindsay murphy. >> reporter: ed redskins really beat the odds today playing without some of their key starters including jammal brown, brian orakpo, kareem more and ray dowdy, but in this -- moore and ray dowdy, but in this game it was all about heart, especially in overtime. >> washington chose tails. it's heads. >> reporter: the home team wins the coin toss, but that wouldn't matter today. in kevin barnes' first start as safety and first start of the season he intercepted david garrard's second pass in overtime on a 3rd and 4 from the 17. >> he played real hard to get across my face and to win this route. i'm pretty sure he was determined to get the ball. the quarterback got flushed out of the pocket a little bit and
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i was able to undercut him and just made the play. >> reporter: what about kevin barnes? how big that was play for you guys? >> it was big coming into overtime. he played good. he wasn't always perfect today, but for the most part of it e played good and stayed in the game like that. -- he played good and stayed in the game. >> reporter: graham gano eyes a 31-yard field goal. in windy conditions that makes kicking a challenge but he nailed it giving the skins a 20- 17 victory. >> i was fired up today being back in the homestate, the day after christmas, just everything. emotions were running and it feels good to get a win. >> reporter: what were you thinking the final field goal of the game, graham gano with all those winds and the cold and everything? >> it better go through. kicked, looked up and i was like thank you, jesus. >> i always sit there and watch them kick field goals, cross my fingers for them, my little rituals i could. the ones he missed in those -- i do.
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the ones he missed in those little games i didn't do it. >> reporter: the redskins have now won three of four overtime games this season. in windy and cold jacksonville lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> all right. i know you were cold, thank you, but she's tough and came through just like some of the redskins who wouldn't normally be on the field. redskins are banged up but the reserves held onto their own today and held the victory. byron westbrook, say hello to rashad jennings. no. 50 rod jackson played his first game of the season registered three tackles, a sack and forced fumble and kevin barnes making his first nfl safety start picked off david ba garrard in overtime to set up the -- david garrard in overtime to set up the game winning field goal. >> i think they all did. they go into that game and all of a sudden reed can't go, which we know. kareem can't go. so you're sitting there with guys that haven't played back there, unactivated couple guys
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and i i just thought overall with carlos rogers going down, some guys out, really a great team effort. >> definitely special, my first start, coach trusting me to go out and play a position i never played before and we came out victorious. >> and a reminder, they'll play the giants next week. that game has been switched to 4:15 p.m. originally a 1:00 game. speaking of the giants, they needed a win today to clinch a playoff spot and that made them angry. the nissan postgame show continues. 
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports extra. >> philly and minnesota didn't get to play tonight, a major
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snowstorm in the northeast causing the game to be rescheduled for tuesday. nothing new for the vikings, but philly got another nfc title without even playing thanks to the g men. giants coach tom coughlin still chatting as the g men visited the packers trying to bounce back from last week's collapse. 2nd quarter things looking good for the giants, eli manning going deep. good for an 85-yard touchdown to tie the game at 14, but after that things would go downhill for the new yorkers. down 31-17 late in the 3rd, brandon jacobs on the carry. the packers clay matthews no. 52 catches jacobs from behind and knocks out the ball. the giants tight end tries to break it up instead of falling on it and the packers recover not turnover troubles plagued the giants all day the to the 4th still a 14-point packers lead. eli manning throws one of four interceptions, giants with six turnovers in the game packers winning big 45-17, the giants
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playoffs hopes. the ravens on the road in the holiday spirit. ray lewis and lawrence vickers, happy holidays. happy hahn caw, merry christmas. 1st quarter -- hanukkah, merry christmas. 1st quarter no score. now deep into the end zone and a diving catch, 29-yard touchdown. browns up 7 -0. 2nd quarter ravens trail. joe flacco connecting with houshmandzadeh. baltimore took the lead 10-7. 4th quarter the ravens lead 13- 10. joe flack coe takes the handoff and has loads of -- joe flacco takes the handoff and has loads of time. ravens defeat the browns 20-10 and improve to 11--4 and clinch a playoff spot. jets and bears at soldiers field. 3rd quarter jets down 7. mark sanchez, santonio holmes, 23 yards, tied at 31.
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just over two minutes later the bears strike back. jay cutler hits johnny knox and 26-yard score, bears retaking the lead. under a minute to play in the 4th. sanchez trying to facilitate a game winning drive. picked off by chris harris a. bears hold on 38-34 and thanks to the skins win over the jags jet still get into the playoffs. well, the redskins victory means we have three worthy candidates for player of game. we'll share them with you when we come back and, of course, no. 89 is a real possibility. 
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>> fox 5 brought to you by your washington area hyundai dealers. 
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports extra. >> welcome back to nissan sports extra. i'm david feldman. it's been over a month since the redskins last 1 won a game, november 21st against the titans, four straight losses. when that happens it's tough to give you a player of the week, but now we've got some great candidates. time for our toyota redskins player of the week and our first nominee is the wide
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receiver. santana moss had a heck of a game, a team high five catches for 85 yards with a long of 38, run over 1,000, 84 receptions, matching his career high. santana moss no. 89 candidate no. 1. our second candidate, how about kevin barnes? the second year player out of maryland making his first start at safety with laron landry, reed doty coming up with the huge interception in overtime, fur of his career helping set up the game winning field goal -- first of his career helping set up the game fin winning field goal. our third phenomenon -- game winning field goal. our third nominee is graham gano. gano has made three game winning field goals this season. go to to vote for the toyota redskins player of the week. nice to do that after a win for the first time in a long time. you know, rex grossman grew
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up in bloomington, indiana, went to school in gainesville, florida, but really likes jacksonville and today that was no different. >> yeah. i started here. i like jacksonville. >> reporter: did you do the gator chomp in celebration? >> yeah. i figure there was a lot of gator fans in the stands, so wanted to say hello. >> why is there steve spurrier memories of him everywhere? the redskins managed 251 yards, punted nine times, made only four 3rd down conversions but they won, now 6-9. they play the giants next week. game time has been switched to 4:15. it was originally 1:00. now it's at 4:15. watch it on fox and enjoy your week. i'll see you tomorrow. i'm dave feldman. have a great night. >> thank you for watching sports extra brought to you by your washington area nissan dealers.


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